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Evolution of Media​

Book page 12

Basic Design Elements in a Nutshell​

​Book page 42

​Color in Context

​Book page 137

Student Design: Workshop San Francisco, 2011

​Book page 187

Documentation: Workshop Indonesia, 2014

​Book page 190

Student Design: Workshop Indonesia, 2016

​Book page 191

Documentation: Workshop Germany, 2017

​Book page 194

Student Design: Workshop Germany, 2017

​Book page 195

Student Design: Workshop Athens, 2018

​Book page 198

Documentation: Workshop Athens 2018

​Book page 198

Documentation: Workshop Yogyakarta 2020

​Book page 208

Documentation: Workshop Germany 2015

​Book page 214

Interviews with international designers

Note: These do not link to the book using the QR code.

Lucas de Groot

Marianna Paszkowska

Joshua Olsthoorn and Kostas Vlachakis, Typical Organization

Thekla Heineke, kakoii

Justus Oehler, Pentagram

Isaac Roethe