​​English Publication:
Intercultural Design Basics

​Susanne P. Radtke (2021):

Intercultural Design Basics,
BIS Publishers,
(ISBN 9063696043 )
BIS Publishers

This textbook connects design foundation with intercultural perspectives.

Graphic Design is a highly agile and technically dynamic field. Therefore, the basics such as the principles of design, typography and color theory are presented in a concrete and concise way. Theories are easily understood through the use of explanatory models and highly varied scenarios. This design textbook weaves an intercultural approach with innovative methods to present content.

Signs & Basic Elements

Understand the foundation of design through a step-by-step introduction.

Type & Color

 ​Learn about Latin and global writing systems. Expand your intercultural understanding of colors.

Intercultural Expertise

Gain various insights into many different cultures through designers. Read about their amazing careers.