All publications, contributions and papers focus on design education and a number of those  specialize in intercultural design education and research.

​​English Publication:
Intercultural Design Basics

Susanne P. Radtke (2021):
Intercultural Design Basics,
BIS Publishers,
(ISBN 9063696043)
BIS Publishers


German Publication
Intercultural Design Basics

Susanne P. Radtke (2022):
Interkulturelle Design-Grundlagen: Kulturelle und soziale Kompetenz für globales Design
(ISBN 978-3825258153)

German Publication:
Compendium Visual Media Design

Radtke, S. P.; Pisani, P.; Wolters, W. (2013): Handbuch Visuelle Mediengestaltung, Cornelsen Verlag, Berlin, 7th. Ed. (ISBN 9783061510381)

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Susanne P. Radtke and her team look forward to sharing their design expertise with specialization on intercultural topics.


Improve your design approaches in the foundation of design, typography and color theory.

Intercultural Communication

Gain practical insights into how to communicate in culturally different environments.

Corporate Design

Learn strategies to develop a more clear and deeper understanding of your identity and your corporate design.

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